We both learned to swim as children, as we had mothers who were not strong swimmers and who wanted more for their children.  I went to lessons at the local YMCA, my husband to the local lake.  He later had his own pool, lucky dog!  I later swam with summer league, high school and college teams. 


Life happened and after our children were born, I began teaching swim lessons again and reconnected with the swimming world.  After more life, we became part of our local swimming club with Swim Kids- swimming, me- coaching and dad as Swim Dad! 


Although New England waters are bone numbing for a good part of the summer, we love to go to the beach!  We enjoy boogie boarding, Frisbee playing, kite flying, shell gathering, ladderball and bocce ball.  


As far as lake swimming, Swim Kids are still working on not thinking about what lurks beneath lake water. However, we do have the chance to participate in a fun lake meet each summer. The big event is when the big steamer cruises by with its giant wake and the little kids wind up in the next lane over.


As Swim Kids continue to improve their strokes and times in the competition pool, we plan on bringing you more fun swim world news and products for your lives at the beach, lake or competition pool.  For it was during those long championship meets and all the ones in between that the idea of Swim Giggles took shape.  We have personally seen each and every one of the comics in our Funny T’s line.

If you are interested in Team Sales, please contact us directly at customercare@swimgiggles.com  or (603) 617-4652. Our posters are customizable with a minimum order of 150. We look forward to working with you! 

We may be more or less hardcore about swimming than some of you, but we all share a love of the water. 

From our family to yours, enjoy the water!